Tarragona all the way to San Sebastian

Jeffrey Larson

We now have reservations on the over night train to San Sebastian which is in Basque Country (a Spanish state). I really looking forward to checking it out.

San Sebastian is right on the north coast of Spain just near the French border on your map. After that, we’re planning on going to Barcelona where we will finish our exploration of Spain… on to Italy!

There are more photos to look at.

Oh by the way, we’re currently in Tarragona, which is the oldest city we have ever been in. It was founded in the 2nd Century BC! There are roman amphitheatres and circus’ and such that are 2000 years old! It’s so cool. And the beach is quite nice, we had a nice little stroll there last night. Not enough time to get ALL the pics from here up yet, but you’ll see.


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  • Mom Says:

    The pictures are great – especially the ones of the both of you with wonderful smiles of pure excitement on your faces!! You are surely enjoying this adventure to the fullest – it is fun to watch.

  • D&D Says:

    Hey Guys, great to see your pics of Spain, fun to be in the same country, wish we could meet up sooner and share our adventures. Love seeing you happy and enjoying your holiday

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