The Art of Breaking

Jeffrey Larson

For those of you who have never heard of Thousand Foot Krutch, they are one killer hardcore band. They sound like tight rhythm, they strum rock and sing truth. TFK is from Toronto Ontario. I know they played at YC this past May, although I had to miss it much to my displeasure.

Their new album has just been released. “The Art of Breaking” (

You can listen to 7 of the tracks from the album on the website. Sounds pretty good no?

I first heard of TFK from my friend Matthew Bonthoux. He told me a couple tracks to check out and I dug them. Those were off their first album which wasn’t easy to get because it was on an independant label. There bigger label release was Phenomenon which rocks. I have yet to get out and purchase this new album, but I’m gonna make sure I do. Thanks Matt for sharing TFK with me.

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  • Brenton Says:

    TFK is choice …. I’ve heard this latest album is more ‘pop’ then their previous stuff … I have their debut album & Phenomenon … flippin amazing .. good blend of the hardcore rock, with a bit of rap … I totally recommend them … although, I thought they were originaly from Peterborough … or one of those small towns outside of Toronto.

    A little less hardcore is a Kiwi band called “The Lads” … tight band as well … their live album is terrific. They’re currently touring the US and Canada, and have even opened for Third Day on a few occasions. ( They’re most played song has the chorus “my best friend is the creator of the universe” … although they also have a few really good other songs. check ’em out.

    On a completely unrelated, but really cool note…
    One of my good mates here, Ben … his sister in law used to hang out with Five Iron Frenzy when she lived in Colorado … one of her friends even dated Reese Roper (lead singer) …. I thought that was cool.

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