The Island

Jeffrey Larson

So, I decided to start a new category, ‘Movies’.

Sarah, Ruth and I saw The Island at Eau Claire on Saturday evening. I have to say that I quite liked it.

For the first time in a long time, it was a movie that I knew nothing about before sitting down in the theatre. Sarah and Ruth really wanted to see it, and I found no objection in the title The Island so I decided to be in. I often watch online movie trailers or see short teasers on TV ads for the movies I go to see. It is quite refreshing watching a movie unfold and view absolutely everything in the film for the first time, altogether. And that is exactly what happened with The Island.

I’m not going to say anything here that will spoil this movie for you, but if you’d like to experience this show the same way I did, then the rest of this article probably isn’t for you… at least not until you’ve seen the picture.

I like Ewan McGregor, he does a great American accent for a Scot. There’s some pretty good heart pounding action in the movie, I was pretty impressed.

Also, being set in 2016, I thought they did an alright job with some of the technology. Sarah was impressed with the medical devices they had.

The one thing that did bug me a little bit was Scarlett Johansson’s lips. Similar to Angelina Jolie’s, I dislike it when actresses must puff up their lips so much, it’s just annoying.

If you would like you can watch the trailer here. (Quicktime required)

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