The Spanish Travellers

Jeffrey Larson

We’re having so much fun here in Spain. We have seen 6 cities in the week that week that we have been here… the way it is looking, in the next week we will probably see 5 more.

Jeff's the king of the castle!We’re currently in Granada, which is home to the Alhambra. We went and had a look at that for a couple hours yesterday. The Palacio Nazaries (Nazrid Palace) is the main Muslim palace in Alhambra with absolutely gorgeous interiors. That’s what many of the photos in the Granada album are of. At the request of our brother in law Kris, there are TONNES of new pics for you to check out!

I think we are pretty much over the jet lag, yep, and getting used to the eating at different times. For that we have been buying snacks to carry, to tide us over until 8pm-ish for the late dinners.

I’ve learned that I absolutely love being inside castles on the top of hills. We’ve seen a number of them and I just love the feeling… imagining what it was like when the castles were actually used for their purpose rather than tourist monuments. That’s why you can see quite a few photos of Sarah and I in between the squared tops of the castles.

We think we’re going to head north to Basque Country before the end of our trip (ends in Barcelona). Look for San Sebastian on your map.

Inside Alhambra's Nasrid PalaceCamping was pretty fun, even though it was basically just a motel that we got a site to set up our tent at, instead of a room with a bed. There was laundry, tennis, swimming, a supermarket, a restaurant and bar and hot showers as well. It was much cheaper, so we were happy about that. The only thing that we didn’t like was that we didn’t really have any mats to sleep on. Foam mats or thermarests would have provided better sleep than the extra clothing we tried to use for padding!

I can’t believe how nice the weather has been, its been sunny and hot everyday so far! Hopefully it keeps up!

Keep the comments on the weblog and photos coming! We’re loving sharing this trip with you guys!

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  • Dad Says:

    Hi Guys – Looks and sounds like an absolutely terrific trip – I am envious. I have loved your pics – Spain is so much more beautiful than I imagined. I love castles too, bud.
    Love you both,