¿Usted Habla España Parlate Italiano?

Jeffrey Larson

Sarah and I have now booked our flights to Europe for this September. Oh man, we are so stoked!

We’ve been planning to go on a trip to Europe for quite a while now. I’ve heard about many people trying to mash tonnes of countries into a trip, but I’m proud that we’ve kept our scope for this trip to just Spain and Italy.

That’s right, we’ve booked a 4 week trip to Italy and Spain for this September. We got a killer deal on flights with Scandanavian Air, $909 plus tax each. This will fly us from Calgary through Copenhagen (Denmark) to Madrid (Spain), and then from Rome (Italy) through Copenhagen back to Calgary. Man it’s gonna be fun!

We picked up the Spain Lonely Planet guide at a used book store in Kensington and we are starting to figure out where we want to go and what we want to see. We’ll be looking to pick up a book on Italy too.

We’re planning on hosteling and camping it most of the way… we’ve heard there are some pretty cool camping spots.

Anyone have other suggestions for us? Don’t be shy.

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  • Brantone Says:

    Sweet as, bro. I’m stoked for the both of you … wish I could come, but that might just be a bit awkward. That’s an amazing deal too!! Wow!!

  • Mom Says:

    I am so excited for you both!!!! Can’t wait to hear about your plans and all that you learn before you go. Your first trip together as a married couple. WooHoo!!! Well – other than your honeymoon. I know you have wanted to do this for a long time. HAVE A BLAST!!

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