Why Google?

Jeffrey Larson

I want to work for Google. They are doing some really cool stuff when it comes to how the general public uses the internet, and I think I could contribute my creativity and ability to make things work.

Is your web browser’s home page set to Google.com? Do you use a Gmail account for web-based emailing?

As an engineer I like succinct lists:

  • Gmail gives 2300 megabytes of free storage for their email accounts.
  • Google Maps provides maps, driving directions, and locations of local businesses and services… I prefer this over Yahoo! Maps or Mapquest.
  • Google Local allows searching for items in a specific location (like Calgary, Alberta)

… and the list could go on.

Two web-pages I browse every once in a while to see what Google is up to are: Google Labs and the Google Search: More page. These pages provide links and info on what projects Google is working on and what services Google provides.

I want to show a brief example of Googles Maps. You can search for any address you want, I have attached images of my searches for my own home address. Once you’ve got a map with your address, Google allows you to get directions to or from it, by entering the second address. Since we’re relatively new to Calgary, figuring out how to get to new friends houses or giving directions to our house for new friends is simplified with Google Maps.

Back in October of last year (2004), Google bought a company called Keyhole. Keyhole provided software for digital photo mapping. Since then, Google has added a satellite image mode for their Maps search. It’s fantastic! To view the satellite version of a map, click on the “Satellite” link above the map and to the right. Find your house, or a landmark of some significance… play with it a bit to impress yourself.

Here are some maps I think are fun:

Do you use Google? How? Why? How much? When?

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  • Brantone Says:

    They also had a “Summer of Code” thingy going on (http://code.google.com/summerofcode.html) .. as a way to increase value and interest in Open Source, they’re sponsoring students who work on Open Source projects ($4500), unfortunately I found out about it too late and the application deadline passed … but quite ingenious and intriguing nonetheless …
    They sure are quite a driving force in the coding world, always pushing the boundaries …

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